What’s a fixed gear – fixie bicycle?

A fixed gear bicycle is a single speed bike with no freewheel that allows to stop pedaling while you are riding. In a fixie the cog is fixed to the hub, the movement of the pedals is linked to the wheel.

Fixed Gear Bycicle Ponky Piñón fijo bicicleta

The history of fixed gear

Historically the fixed pinion was associated with track cycling, since to practice this type of sport it is mandatory to use this type

Recently, the use of “fixie” or “fixed gear” became popular as an alternative for urban cyclists because it offers the advantage of simplicity compared to bicycles with gears.

The departure of fixed gear bicycles from the velodrome to the streets is not recent, it has its origins in the mid-70s in the United States, mainly in New York, there, couriers thought of the fixed-gear bicycle as a light, fast and economical alternative to make their deliveries. time

Due to its great reception by the messenger groups, different skill competitions such as trackstands, tricks, skids and alley cats were started. The latter are non-legal street races with different checkpoints in through the city.

In Colombia

In recent years, the fixed gear bicycle has become popular in the main cities of Colombia, with the creation of urban races such as AlleyCats and Criteriums. Around these events I have grown a community of urban cyclists that exceeds the limits of what was thought possible with each pedal stroke.

NeoMatic B.O.B I bikebag piñon fijo fixed gear

Along with this community, NeoMatic Workshop has grown, designing its products to meet all the needs of this community.

We have classic messenger bags for those bicycle messengers who transport small packages, and cargo bags such as the CARGO for those whose needs require a bag with much more capabilities.

we will continue to grow to make urban cycling and responsible consumption the lifestyle of many more people.