How long does my product take to arrived?

Our domestic delivery times are approximately 6-8 business days

Do you guys offer a warranty?

yes, we do offer a warranty for 6 months if the product is damage for manufacture defects or if something unusual has happens to it.

What happen if the warranty has expired?

We offer an after-sales service to our customers where we repair the products at no cost, the only cost the customer would pay would be the shipments.

Do you guys have a physical store?

At the moment we only run as a online business, hopefully soon we will see you out there.

How many days do i have to return a product?

The time we have to receive a product that you were not satisfied is 30 business days from the day of the shipping

Do you guys shipped internationally?

Yes, we do, but before send the product we have to check the shipping cost.

Where can i track my product down?

Once we receive the order, we have 1-2 days to inspect the order, once is shiped we will send you a tracking number via email.

Is the shipping cost of a repair or refund on me?

If is a repair and the product is still on warranty we pay for the shipping cost, otherwise the shipping cost would be on the customer side, and if is a refund we do not cover the shipping cost.