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A bicycle tube would take between 500-800 years to completely decompose.

Here at NeoMatic we design and manufacture urban bags with recycled materials, these bags are waterproof and function-oriented.

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NeoMatic responsibly produces utility bags, briefcases and accessories, practical bags for the urban lifestyle, modern and affordable for everyone. All our bags are handmade in our workshop in Medellín, we ship to all of Colombia and the United States. Coming soon to Canada and the European Union.

We have a sustainable consumption approach, since we use elements such as bicycle tires, and we create a variety of products that adapt to the needs and lifestyles of our clients, conscious consumers who care about their style, and who at the same time are aware of the environmental responsibility they have when consuming.

Our bags help to generate a more responsible consumption and with this we promote the use of the bicycle as a daily means of transport because they are water repellent, so we try to meet our objective of minimizing damage to the environment by reusing these supplies, at the same time that we are mobilizing in a more sustainable way.

What is NeoMatic

NeoMatic is a colombian entrepreneurship based in Medellín, Colombia, we design and create urban bags, backpacks, and messenger bags with recycled bicycle tubes.

Our artisanal bags use rubber tubes as raw material, our products help to reduce the amount of waste heading to landfills or possibly contaminating water sources.

Why we do it

Our main motivation is to generate more responsible consumption habits, offering environmentally friendly, high quality products that last longer.

In a world with consumption dynamics that produce waste way greater than the system’s capacity to recycle it, it is necessary to find ways to reutilize those supplies, otherwise they will contaminate for a few centuries until they completely degrade.

Where to find us

You can find us in marketplaces like BikeExchange or MercadoLibre

and in Bella In Sella Cycling Boutique